Sherrard Grade School say goodbye as summer break begins.

The school is getting ready in case students can't return this fall.

SHERRARD, Ill. — Staff and teachers at Sherrard Grade School said their final goodbyes, as summer break begins.

Frankie Dobereiner is saying goodbye to the fourth grade. Like many others, she collected her report cards, year book and awards.

For nine weeks, Sherrard Grade School students have been studying from home.

"At the beginning it was difficult. We didn't have our teacher to help us," says Frankie.  

Social distancing heightening anxiety levels.

"I miss being with my friends."

Steve Miller says the school district is overwhelmed, so to help combat that anxiety, Sherrard Grade School implemented a remote learning task force.

"Next year we want to be prepared so if we have to flip that switch to remote, we are able to do that."

The suddenness of the outbreak, left schools scrambling for answers.

"We want to plan for an entire year," says Steve.

Going forward, Steve says access to services is key to productivity.

"There is a plan next year to equip the newer buses with WiFi and park them around the district."

With upwards of 20 students in a class, social distancing is a huge concern for educators.

"Whether it's A/B days and kids come one day and the other half come the next day," says Steve.

As for principle Konnie Fry, this year was her last in education. She spent her last few weeks, of her 22-year career, not surrounded by children.

"We went into education because we love children. We love teaching them and watching them learn and grow," said Ms Fry.

A bittersweet goodbye for a woman who gave so much to her students.

"Its tough knowing that I won't see them everyday like I am used to."

Students are expected to return on August 12th. The Sherrard School board says they will continue to meet ahead of the new school year, monitoring the situation in accordance with CDC guidelines.