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Recycling continues despite COVID-19

With so many of us working from home more waste is being created.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Everyone knows that recycling can help conserve resources, save energy and reduce landfill. Local recycling plants say the amount of recycling during the pandemic is similar to what they see during the holiday season.

Its all systems go at The Waste Commission of Scott County.

Communication Specialist, Kurt Liske says, "We're seeing business waste drop off but then we're seeing residential, an uptake in that."

The recycling plant is full, as trucks continue to dump loads of recyclables. Plants are seeing an increase in waste, as more of us work from home.

"We are still collecting recyclables. Both at the curb and drop off locations around the county," said Mr. Liske.

Although The Waste Commission of Scott County has suspended all public household hazardous materials and electronic waste drop-off's.

If your recycling bin is full but you still want to recycle, The Waste Commission of Scott County has six different drop-off sites. So you can drop off your recycling anytime, any day.

Sanitation workers have always had a dirty job, now it's become more dangerous because of COVID-19.

"We fall victim to out of sight out of mind. We put our stuff out on the curb and the truck comes and the cart is empty and people seem to think that stuff magically disappears."

Sanitation workers hope people begin to appreciate their willingness to put themselves in harms way.

"So hopefully people see this and recognize they are real human beings."

The Waste Commission of Scott County says all employees have been given face masks and sanitizer. They've also changed the way they operate to ensure staff practice safe distancing.