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Top local burger joints for National Cheeseburger Day

Since every day’s a holiday, on National Cheeseburger Day, try out one of these burgers at a local Quad City joint.

Hannah Rodriguez is an extremely hungry Digital Content Producer who’s constantly taking food and drink recommendations. For more burger related content find her on Twitter @HRodriguez15.

Ah, the cheeseburger.

Paired with french fries and a milkshake it’s a meal that’s so classically American it’s almost always served at Fourth of July cookouts and is featured on nearly every road-side diner’s menu.

Since every day’s a holiday, on National Cheeseburger Day Wednesday, Sept. 18, try out one of these burgers at a local Quad City joint. I promise you, the big guys are doing alright and you can always visit the Golden Arches the next day.

Boozie’s Bar and Grille

Find me eating lunch at Boozies on Tuesdays and Thursdays for their $6 burger basket special. A QC classic, their burgers come with three cheeses and their mysterious, yet delicious, house sauce.

Last year Boozie’s owner and Prophetstown High School alumni Mark McClintock died after running the place for over a decade. The burgers have always lived up to their hype and hopefully stick around for another decade or two… or three.

Don’t miss Boozies at 14 ½ West Third Street Davenport, Iowa.

Central Standard

If you ask Locals Love Us, Central Standard takes the second highest rated burgers in the area. The craft beer and burger restaurant has 14 different burgers from a Belly Burger with smoked pork belly and smoked gouda fondue to a Sunny-Side Up Burger with truffle aioli and prosciutto.

With a full milkshake menu just as diverse as the burgers, Central Standard is anything but standard.

Check them out at 2239 Falcon Avenue Bettendorf, Iowa or at their second location 1222 SE University Avenue Waukee, Iowa.

Steel Plow Burger Company

In an era where we all like to be a little healthier, a little more environmentally conscious and feel just a little less guilty about how and what we eat, Steel Plow’s website boasts grass-fed beef that has “no hormones, no antibiotics and no bull.”

On top of their normal patties, the East Moline restaurant also features vegan bison, turkey and prime rib burgers to fit the wants and needs of any gathering.

You can find Steel Plow at 2180 53rd Street Moline, Illinois and stay tuned for their Iowa location

Maple Street Grille

Top local burger joints for National Cheeseburger Day

Every time a new Burger of the Month hits the menu it’s hard to resist the siren call from Orion to try the latest innovation. With their creative charm and unexpected toppings, each month a simple burger is transformed into something that’s never boring.

This September is “The Big Cheese” featuring bacon, melted American cheese, fried mozzarella cheese sticks, queso sauce and Dorito dust. Please bury me in a cheese filled coffin.

Maple Street is located at 303 10th Ave Orion, Illinois.

Legends Corner Bar and Grille

In my eyes, the greasier the burger the better. Just down the road from Augustana College, Legends is often haunted by students fighting their last hangover or chasing their next. The diner-style place has the faces of ‘legends’ lining the walls and is the perfectly stereotypical place to dig into a massive cheeseburger.

Their menu is pretty straight shooting and kid friendly.

Head over to Legends at 3008 7th Ave Rock Island, Illinois

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