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Davenport releases price tag of record flooding, $3.5 million

Davenport says the next step is to submit this to FEMA for reimbursement of some of those costs.

DAVENPORT, Iowa- Record flooding cost the city of Davenport about $3,500,000.

Officials say that million-dollar total takes into account clean up and flood-fighting efforts.

However, it does not take into account the extensive damage to businesses.

The costs include labor, overtime and flood damage.  About half a million was related to the temporary floodwall breach in late April.

"Our final numbers on clean-up and flood fighting efforts are expected to go to FEMA by the end of the year, so this number is approximate.  Some clean-up has been done on contract, while other clean-up has been done by City staff and we are still reconciling these.  Costs related to employee labor, overtime, materials, loss replacement, contract work and equipment depreciation that are known are conservatively $3.5 Million, some calculations as far as amount that can be claimed for vehicle depreciation, etc. are still being worked on which is why the number is approximate. For further context, around $500,000 of that total is directly related to the breach (overtime, lost equipment), the rest of the cost is related to the multiple clean-ups, extensive overtime and flood damage to facilities/roads due to height/duration of the flooding."

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