Moline police search for woman suspected of stealing from Walmart

Moline police are asking for the public’s help identifying a woman they say stole $100 from Walmart.

MOLINE-- Moline police are asking for the public's help identifying a woman they say stole $100 from Walmart.

Here is the official statement from police:

"On 02/10/2020, at approximately 11:36 am, a theft of mislaid property occurred at Walmart, 3930 44th Av Drive.  The victim provided the following information -

The victim utilized the self-checkout to purchase groceries.  The victim used their debit card for the transaction and requested $100.00 in change. The victim bagged their groceries and left the self-checkout, but forgot to retrieve the $100.00 cash they withdrew from the till.  The victim returned to the till several seconds later and discovered the cash was no longer there.

Loss Prevention pulled up video of the register the victim was at. Upon reviewing the video, it shows the victim bagging their groceries and using their debit card at the self-checkout. The register till then pops out the $100.00 in change (5 - $20 bills) and the victim forgets to grab it. There are several red blinking lights, prompting the customer to retrieve the money; however, the victim departs the register, leaving the money in the change dispenser.

Another customer, described as a Hispanic female, approximately 40 years of age, wearing a tan jacket and blue shirt is observed in the self-checkout directly across from the register the victim was in. The female was scanning her own groceries, then casually walked over to the register the victim had been in and grabbed the cash from the change dispenser, which turned off the red blinking lights. The female returns to her register and continues to scan her items, placing the $100.00 cash under a bundle of bananas that was on the counter. Once the female scanned her last item, she uses a debit/credit card and pays for the groceries and pockets the cash.

Anyone with information on the female is asked to call the Moline Police Department 309-797-0406 or Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities 309-762-9500/P3 Tips app."