Construction begins Monday for Moline High School’s new athletic facility

Moline residents will also be able to use the new facilities.

MOLINE, ILLINOIS --  Construction begins Monday, November 118th, 2019, on a new athletic facility at Moline High School.

The school says they are excited for the new 14 million dollar upgrade.

"We are going to have an 8,000 square foot weight room," Moline High Physical Education Chair Kevin Gorgal said. "Six lane track with 4 courts in the middle, new wrestling room, and a training room."

Outside construction starts on the 18th, but the students can still use the west end of the school until Christmas break. Next semester, teachers and coaches will have to get creative where they hold class and practice because parts will be closed off.

"We are being very creative," Gorgal said. "But we have e got a good schedule through spring break. We are utilizing the bowling alley and pool. We are also bringing in another health curriculum."

"We have kids working out in hallways," Moline High Physical Education Chair Kevin Gorgal said. "Our numbers are too big for our facilities. We have teams practicing at elementary schools. We have teams practicing until seven or eight at night."

Chipped paint and rundown equipment, the school's athletic department hasn't been updated since the 50's.

"This has been a long time coming for our students," Gorgal said.

Gorgal says students have to share weights and wait in long lines to use the racks.

"We would have about 40-50 kids on ten racks in a room that's about half the size of a classroom," sophomore Jaeger Norton said.

Gorgal says kids even have to workout in the hallways.

"It's horrible," Gorgal said.

Moline residents will also be able to use the facilities. The school is working on a time schedule for non- students.

Parts of the upgrade are set to be ready by Fall 2020, but the final product may not be done until January 2021.