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Panel discussion tackles issues facing Quad City Black communities

The discussion was hosted by non-profit Idea Factory at City Church in Davenport on Friday.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — As discussion surrounding race relations and gun violence remain at the forefront across the county, it was also a key focus at a panel discussion in the Quad Cities. 

The conversation turned to those in the local Black community to hear their solutions on tackling the issues at the meeting on Friday, August 20. 

 "The Black community is in much danger," a panelist said.

 "This is not the Davenport that I know," another panelist said.

It was a conversation over issues affecting lives on a daily basis. Gun violence, poverty, drugs, the unsolved issues behind much of the crime in the Quad Cities

"We're headed into a position I do not want to see it," panelist said.

The discussion centered on finding answers to what families in the Black community are facing.

"We all make bad decisions, but we have a right to change it," panelist said.

The panelists consisted of people who've experienced being in trouble with the law and now walk to tell their story.

"I was in a place, it was bad, it was so bad it changed my life," panelist said. 

"The one thing is listening to these kids," one audience member said. 

The goal is to turn to solutions so others don't go down the same road.

"As a parent, I have the same fears that my mom has," panelist said.

"We've got 12 year olds running around with guns," panelist said.

The meeting placed tough and raw discussions out front.

"Now days, these kids are trying to kill each other," panelist said.

Many said there's not one fix to the ongoing problems.

"First thing is respect," panelist said.

"What's going to have to happen is, we're going to have to go to where they're at," an audience member said.

"The most important thing you need is education," one of the panelists said.

Others said the talks must be on a larger scale to bring about change.

"None of the organizations are working together to put the work," an audience member said.

"We need to get together to understand what's going on with us nationally and filter it down locally," another audience member said.

The panel was hosted by non-profit Idea Factory at City Church in Davenport.

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