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Iowa DNR cleaning up Crow Creek Wildlife Management Area for accessibility, seeking volunteers

A local fishing hotspot got a facelift to make it more hospitable for visitors, and the Iowa DNR is looking for volunteers to help facilitate a further project.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A local fishing hotspot got some love and attention to help make it more attractive to visitors.

On Tuesday, February 2, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources performed a small renovation on a small location near the Davenport Municipal Airport known as the Crow Creek Wildlife Management Area, which doubles a local fishing destination.

Department workers drilled small holes into the frozen water to map out the bottom of the pond using sonar equipment. The DNR also plans to clear invasive trees from the nearby area and anchor them onto the ice, allowing the trees to sink into the water and becomes fish habitats when once the ice melts.

The DNR is seeking volunteers to help move the trees onto the ice on February 20. Information for volunteers can be found at http://www.partnersofscottcountywatersheds.org/

Officials say that the project is being done to make the area more accessible and attractive to visitors, current and future.

"We're trying to again open it back up get it back to where it's a lot more user friendly family friendly," says one Iowa DNR worker. "Kids, people of all ages can you know negotiate down to the water line and cast their lines catch fish. Just trying to get it back to what it was several decades ago."