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Bettendorf’s council could ban these types of businesses from opening downtown

Here’s a list of the businesses that would be prohibited.
bettendorf Vape Shop

BETTENDORF, Iowa - City council members passed a first-reading of an amendment to the Downtown Bettendorf Master Plan Overlay District on December 3.

The amendment would prohibit certain businesses from opening up in the Downtown area, which runs between 6th Street and 26th Street along Grant and State Streets.

The types of businesses that would be banned would include:

  • Tobacco, vape shops, and/or CBD shops
  • Tattoo/piercing parlors
  • Storage units
  • Automotive sales
  • Automotive services and body repair
  • Pawn shops
  • Title loan or “quick cash” operations
  • Storage/staging yards or service vehicle parking of any type
  • Adult entertainment venues

Businesses that already exist would not be impacted by the amended ordinance.

Bettendorf's Economic Development Director Jeff Reiter said the goal is to create a downtown that feels safe and attracts businesses that can be more valuable to the quality of life in Bettendorf.

"They're creating higher value both monetarily and actually philosophical as well. So, people equate a great walkable, livable downtown to having quality businesses that they can walk into and have a good comfortable shopping experience," said Reiter.

The council will consider this amendment two more times before voting on and implementing the new rules.

The decision to consider the ban on businesses stems from a series of public meetings held by the city, where residents and business owners shared their support for the amended Downtown Bettendorf Master Plan Overlay District.

Reiter tells News 8 that he believes the final reading of the ordinance will happen in early January, 2020.