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John Deere Harvester Works readies to build new combine in East Moline

“We’re thinking about how we can make a good farm even better,” said Beverly Flores, Deere & Company.


John Deere Harvester Works will begin producing a new combine starting in November at its East Moline plant.

That makes Thursday, June 1, a very special day for Cyndee Smiley Dolan. She's introducing the massive product just steps outside the factory.

"To be able to launch it on the historic grounds of Harvester Works, where we've had all the eras of combines that we've built, is truly amazing," she said.

The Moline-based agriculture giant is rolling out its new products for reporters from all across North America.

After experiencing layoffs in East Moline, this might signal a rebounding ag-economy.  No word, though, if it will lead to any restored jobs there.

"If you're a company like John Deere, you have to continue to invest in the market," said Willie Vogt, executive editor for Penton Agriculture.  "The new product cycle doesn't stop just because corn is $3."

As media visitors shuttle across Harvester Works in Deere green people-movers, they get a taste of manufacturing traditions that have lasted more than a century in East Moline.

"It's truly this passion and this commitment to those that are linked to the land," said Beverly Flores, Deere & Company.

Thursday's even will help to get the word out on these big-ticket items.  With pricetags topping $500,000, experts contend the Deere innovations are worth the investment.

"If farmers didn't see the productivity, they wouldn't pay for it," said Vogt.

With Deere's earnings recently beating expectations, this massive display sends a powerful message about the future.

"We're thinking about how we can help make a good farm even better," Flores concluded.