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Skilled to Work: Finishing the Maquoketa hospital

Skilled drywall finishers associated with the Quad Cities Finishing Contractors Association adding a smooth finish

MAQUOKETA, Iowa — The new hospital in Maquoketa is quickly shaping up as skilled drywall finishers prep the walls for paint. 

"Just want to make sure marks are sanded out and everything is smooth, and no big scratches left behind from sanding," said Andy Anderson, a drywall finisher with more than 30 years of experience. "It's just a touch, just a practice that you get over time."

Anderson says he is retiring in three years. He's ready for younger people to "take over," but for now he can be seen smoothing out the excess drywall compound, which can get a little dusty in this phase.

Down the hall, another drywall finisher can be seen working with wet compound, which they call mud. It's used to smooth out joints between drywall panels.

"It takes a little muscle behind it," said James Carter, carrying a contraption called a "mudbox." 

Working for companies associated with the Quad Cities Finishing Contractors Association, skilled workers like Anderson and Carter take pride in what they do.

"You know, you walk in and it looks something like this, and in the end it's pretty nice. Watching everything come together, it's pretty rewarding," Carter said.

The hospital is expected to be completed by December of this year. 

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