Why There Was No Breakfast During Our “Breakfast With…” The River Bend Foodbank

1 in 5 children in our area are food insecure.
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In huge letters, "Together We Can Solve Hunger" is the first thing you see on the wall when you walk into the warehouse of the River Bend Foodbank in Davenport. It's a reminder of what Mike Miller and his team are trying to do every single day - as well as the goal every single one of us can help them achieve.

On Thursday, September 27th, we had "Breakfast With..." Miller, who is the President and CEO of the River Bend Foodbank. He explained why our conversation is so timely, how many people in our area are food insecure, if we are any closer to closing the hunger gap, and why we decided not to eat breakfast during our conversation:

Miller also talked about a big event that just kicked off this week - the 33rd Annual Student Hunger Drive - as well as an important (and maybe surprising!) thing for you to consider when cleaning out your pantry:

Besides the Student Hunger Drive, there are several other ways the community can connect with the River Bend Foodbank throughout the year:

We finished our conversation with a special Facebook Live on the WQAD Facebook Page, where Miller answered your questions:

For more information on the River Bend Foodbank, click here.