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East Moline Mayor Relieved After Losing Mayoral Election

Mayor John Thodos is about to enter his final month in office.

EAST MOLINE - Mayor John Thodos is about to enter his last month in office.

Thodos has been mayor for 12 years but lost his re-election bid in February to Reggie Freeman. Thodos was our guest on 'Breakfast With...' Thursday, March 23, 2017. Thodos said he's actually relieved with the results because Illinois' financial situation isn't helping the city.

Thodos also said his relationship with Freeman is very good.

"As a kid you know, Reggie has been on our police force for years," Thodos said. "He was the police chief while I was alderman. When I was a kid I would remember Reggie driving around in squad cars, and he'd give you the old, 'Hey, what are you doing?'"

Thodos last day in office will be May 1, 2017.

We hope you can join us Thursday, March 30, 2017, for another 'Breakfast With...' segment. We are sitting down with Galesburg Schools' Superintendent Ralph Grimm at the Innkeepers Coffee off Seminary Street. The shop opens at 6:30 a.m. To submit a question for Grimm, click here.