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Week four of The Score Pre-Game Pep Really takes us to…Burlington!

The Good Morning Quad Cities crew is moving on now to week four. The time is flying!

BURLINGTON, Iowa - Week three of The Score Pre-Game Pep Rally was fantastic in Clinton. Now, the Good Morning Quad Cities crew is moving on now to week four.

It's fitting that on Friday, September 14, we head to Burlington High School, right after we were in Clinton for the River Kings' game against the Grayhounds Friday, September 7th. On the 14th, the Grayhounds take on Fort Madison High School at Bracewell Stadium that night.

We need the students, band, and cheerleaders from the school, to be INSIDE THE GYMNASIUM at 5:30 a.m. Friday. If you want to get there as early as 5 a.m., go for it! Parents and community members are invited to come out as well. The football team is not needed. The pep rally will NOT be at the stadium.

We'll be broadcasting live starting at 5 a.m. in the gym. Our coverage goes until 7 a.m. Our pep rally is being sponsored by the Great River Health System, who will be giving out 10 $5 Target gift cards!

Just like last year, we want each school to come up with their best 'Pre-Game Pep Rally' signs for their morning. We'd like students to create signs in preparation of the event. The winner of the best one will get prizes!

NEW THIS YEAR: We want students to show off any unique talents that they have. If you can do anything acrobatic or unique, (ie. back flips, you can do a rubik's cube really fast, or you can say the alphabet really fast backwards) we want to know about it. Maybe we'll show you off on the air Friday morning.

Hopefully, the Grayhounds have just as much school spirit as the River Kings and Queens did!