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Studio 8 features SchuckUpThaBlock

A QC-native is finding success in music and is working to change the game in the rap genre.
studio 8
Credit: SchuckUpThaBlock

Who I am: SchuckUpThaBlock

What my music is: Hip Hop / Rap

What sets my music apart from the rest:  "I feel what sets me apart from most artists is I take my time when it comes to big grind time the big hustle. I speak minimal of the moves and the steps I take and actually make a plan and execute the plan. With my lyrics I push to exit out the mumble rap era and what most mainstream rappers do. And that's repeat the sameeeee 4-10 words over 100 times in 300 minutes. It shows no talent. And to be able to produce music with minimal to no hook. It takes a little longer yes but its worth it in every way. Most people love to hear an  autobiography of someone's life or just the cold hard facts for example eminem/chris webby/mac miller the list isn't very big for artists like that."

This musician is a Quad Cities native and United Township graduate, born in Rock Island, Illinois and a longtime resident of Moline and Colona. 

Listen to his music on SoundCloud

Editor's Note: Music contains strong language

In 12 days, his top track "$chuckUPTHAbløck" garnered more than 71,500 plays on SoundCloud. 

You can follow SchuckUpThaBlock on Instagram 

Credit: SchuckUpThaBlock