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Studio 8 features local musician SoundExcape, collaborating with others around the country

SoundExcape's music doesn't fit nicely into just one genre. Enjoy this artist's variety of styles, jamming with other musicians across the nation.
Credit: SoundExcape

Who I am: SoundExcape

During the coronavirus pandemic, SoundExcape has been working on long-distance collaborations with people around the world.

The video above is a collaboration that Sound Excape, from West Liberty, Iowa, did with musicians Rene and Ryan from California, Minty from Illinois, Bingejamin from Massachusetts, and Jslunk from New York.

What my music is: All genres

What sets my music apart from the rest: “In a gig my masked appearance is what sets me apart alongside with a variety of styles pertaining to the songs played. I may be easily confused to Buckethead, Santana, Satriani, Van Halen, Steve Vai, and a few others. Also I have many characters that fall under my SoundExcape Multiverse. You will never know which one will be the one used for an event. The main ones at the moment are SoundExcape and BucketXcape. BucketXcape is a tribute character to Buckethead. SoundExcape is the main character to my whole artist idea. He is a Space Cowboy Rebel Robot Guitarist rising from the ashes spreading a variety of music with passion to the worlds that hear."


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