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Best Restaurants: Q’s Cafe is a slice of heaven in Galesburg

Co-owners Walt and Annette put love in their dishes that are served up in plentiful portions. It’s a funky place with a friendly vibe.

There's a real food find at 319 E.  Main St.  in Galesburg.

"We always dreamed of having our own place," said owner Walt McAllister.

It's a slice of heaven called Q's Cafe.

"I hope they feel like they're coming home," said co-owner Annette McAllister.

"We're a true Mom-and-Pop," Walt McAllister said.  "I'm the Pop, and she's the Mom."

They're husband and wife owners, and so much more.

"My goal is,  if you come in here and have lunch, that it's the best lunch you ever had in your life," Walt said.

It's no wonder customers keep coming back after 10 years in business.

"They've got really unique foods, and they're always delicious," said customer Erin Glasnovich.

These California transplants found the "Q" in Annette's middle initial.

Next,  they put love in their dishes that are served up in plentiful portions.  It's a funky place with a friendly vibe.

"If you've had a hectic day,  you come in and kind of de-stress a little here," said customer Tim Howard.

Signature dishes feature Walt's artisan bread.  Plus, there are hot soups and super salads.  It's a lunchtime landmark in downtown Galesburg.

"Sometimes he'll just cook up something out of the blue and say, 'Why don't you try this?'" said customer Ross McIntire.

"It is the comfort food," Annette continued.  "Oh, just like my Mom used to make."

Q's Cafe becomes a community get-together most days.  You might find local groups that appreciate the space and service.

"They're just really nice people," said customer Joan Seibert.  "They're wonderful people."

Regulars come for the food and stay for the friendship.  There are lots of conversations to go along with the cooking.

"It's really welcoming," Erin added.

After a decade of success in Galesburg, this family business keeps getting stronger.  It's great for Galesburg.

The McAllisters do it all themselves five days a week.  Their three teenagers also pitch in.  It's a real family affair.

"Lesser couples could not handle the pressure of working with each other every day," said customer Jeremy Karlin.  "It's really a testament to the strong relationship that they have."

After defying the odds, their future looks bright.

"They're still coming in," Annette said.  "You've got to like that."

"Yeah," Walt concluded. "I'd say it's a dream come true."

A dream that's keeping Q's Cafe a mainstay on Main Street in Galesburg.

Q's Cafe is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.  To go orders are available by calling (309) 341-4525.

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Best Restaurants: Q’s Cafe is a slice of heaven in Galesburg