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Best Restaurants: Cooking cousins keep Los Primos sizzling in Davenport

Everybody feels like part of the family at Los Primos Mexican Grill.

Everybody feels like part of the family at Los Primos Mexican Grill.

You'll find it at 1143 East Locust Street in Davenport.

"You can't go wrong coming here," said customer Juanita Arellanos.

Maybe that's because it's a family business.

"Some people might call us crazy," added owner Joe Gomez.

Cousins Joe and Esteban Gomez - they're the primos - are very sane, indeed.

"We get along very well," Esteban said. "He handles the food. I handle the management part."

The Gomez cousins gave up their day jobs as welders just over a year ago. The rest is culinary history.

"It's awesome," said customer Colin Winters. "They're living the dream."

You'll find Joe in the kitchen just after seven each morning. That's where he cooks all the delicious treats for this Quad City taqueria.

"I cook for love every day, every day with love," he said.

Esteban runs the front of the house.  His bright smile is a hit with everybody who walks in.

"It's well worth it," said customer Jim Carroll.

"I want you to feel comfortable coming to our location," Esteban continued. "Knowing that you're going to get your food that's fresh and quality, and you're going to get it fast."

Customers from all over come out for Taco Tuesday, when 99-cent tacos are a real crowd pleaser.

"We've been here for every Taco Tuesday," said customer Renee Koupal.

"You might as well get here early, because you're going to have to wait otherwise," suggested customer Dennis Williamson.  "But, they're fast."

"Sometimes we don't see the line because our head is down the whole time," Joe chuckled.

They sold more than 1,300 tacos on a recent Tuesday.

"We went through like 140 pounds of ground beef that day," Joe said.

For those who need to eat and run, the drive-through window is a convenient option for food orders.

"We're a team here," Joe said. "We all work together."

For Esteban and Joe, running their own business is really a dream come true. It's a reality that the rest of us get to enjoy.

"The customer service is fantastic," Juanita added.

After a year in business, things are going great. Customers are lining up each day to try to fresh Mexican favorites.

"It's just perfect," Juanita said. "Take it from a Mexican, I love their food here."

One taco at a time, these cousins are making their mark on local cuisine. They're also making lots of friends along the way.

"Whatever you put in, is what you're going to get out," Joe said.

The Gomez cousins are glad to be charting their own course.

"Now I get to work on my own schedule," Esteban concluded. "I have the freedom that I want, and I get to make my own choices. The sky is the limit. It's up to me."

At Los Primos, it's good to be part of the family.

Los Primos is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.  To go orders are available at (563) 424-1111.

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