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Weather Service Confirms 6 Tornadoes Saturday

Scattered areas of damage and winds up to 110 MPH were observed in parts of the Quad Cities
Credit: Carshon Cari Manon Engelbarts
A tornado touches down north of Coleta, IL on Saturday

Tornado sirens quickly sounded through parts of the Quad Cities early Saturday afternoon as tornadic supercell thunderstorms raced across the area. 

The combination of warm, moist air and a warm front sitting nearby spawned the perfect ingredients for a few tornadoes. 

So far, the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities has confirmed five tornadoes from Saturday's storms, 4 of which were in the WQAD News 8 viewing area.

The first tornado touched down around 12:30 Saturday afternoon in Johnson County near Solon and traveled northeast through extreme western Cedar County in Iowa. It has been rated an EF-1 with winds of 110 miles per hour and had a path length of 7.1 miles. Damage was observed to outbuildings, grain bins, power poles, and trees. 

Credit: WQAD

The second tornado touched down shortly thereafter just before 1:00 pm near Mechanicsville, Iowa in Cedar County. The Weather Service estimates winds of 95 MPH giving it an EF-1 rating with a 7-mile path. Damage was observed to a porch on a home along with several outbuildings. 

Credit: WQAD
A tornado touched down near Mechanicsville, Iowa causing damage to a home and several outbuildings.

The third tornado occurred a little later, just before 2:30pm in Jackson County Iowa near Salon. No damage was observed, so it has been rated an EF-U.

Credit: WQAD

The fourth tornado was observed touching down to the northeast of Morrison just before 2:30 pm. It traveled northeast towards Coleta and then into extreme southeast Carroll County causing tree, shingle, and powerline damage. 

Credit: WQAD
A tornado touched down near Coleta, IL in Whiteside County Saturday with winds of 100 MPH.

The fifth and tornado of the day was observed in Jo Daviess County outside of Warren. This tornado occurred in an open field and thus no damage was observed, giving it a rating of EF-U.

Credit: WQAD
A fifth tornado was observed in extreme northeast Jo Daviess County near Warren.

A sixth tornado was verified using video passed along by emergency management which confirmed an EF-0 tornado that caused some shingle damage to a few homes near the Prairie Creek Golf Course just south of Maquoketa, Iowa. Maximum winds were 80 MPH. 

Credit: WQAD

Even with several reports of tornadoes across the area Saturday, remarkably no injuries were reported.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos and videos!