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Climate Minute: Mini lessons on the science of climate change

Weather is a common talking point, but let’s get better at discussing climate and how it impacts us every day. StormTrack 8 dives in on issues surrounding it.

MOLINE, Ill. —

We’ve all heard “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes!”  

The weather can change within minutes, hours and days. This is exactly why the weather does NOT equal climate.  

Climate studies atmospheric conditions over seasons, decades and centuries in a given location. Think about it this way: If the weather is my mood, changing day to day, then climate is my personality! The climate is what we expect while the weather is what we get.  

When we experience extreme temperatures, like a record-setting low of –33 degrees Fahrenheit back in January 2019, that is a weather event. However, the Quad Cities' winter season average temperature growing by 4.5 degrees in the last 50 years is an example of climate.  

Through this series, Storm Tracker 8’s Morgan Strackbein will dive into the science behind climate change and how it impacts everyone in the Quad Cities and around the world. 

Latest lesson: Summers are getting hotter, but just how much?

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