Tracking a few showers for Mother’s Day

Rain showers will continue on and off for Mother’s Day, but the rain won’t be nearly as widespread as what we saw on Saturday. Looking for 80s? They...

While the chance of rain remains in the forecast for Mother's Day, there is some good news in that the rainfall won't be nearly as widespread as what we experienced on Saturday.


The deeper moisture that would be needed to generate more widespread, heavy rains remains cutoff as a new area of low-pressure rolls through the midwest. This energy will be enough though to generate scattered showers for much of Sunday, with the most widespread activity likely in the afternoon.  With the coverage on this being smaller compared to Saturday, we will manage to recover our high temperatures a little more into the middle and upper 50s since this will not be an all-day rain event.  New rainfall of less than a tenth of an inch is likely and at this time little to no lightning activity is expected.


As the week progresses, we are going to see significant improvements to our temperature pattern, while keeping the threat for heavy rainfall at bay. The Mississippi River is expected to fall below major flood stage here in the Quad Cities by Monday morning, with further sharp declines taking place for the rest of the week. There are two small chances for rain in the near term, centered around Tuesday and Thursday. Both will be isolated in nature and no heavy rainfall is anticipated. Temperatures will quickly warm from the 60s at the beginning of the week to well in the 80s by the end of the week. The best chance for any organized rain looks to hold off until the end of next weekend with a decent chance of showers and storms possible there.

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke

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