Tracking a few more rounds of heavy rain in the days ahead

Additional heavy rain is moving in now. More flooding is likely by Sunday morning. Here’s how much will fall in your hometown.

Many locations picked up significant amounts of rain Friday night into the early morning hours of Saturday, including Princeton in Bureau County, Illinois, which picked up six inches of rain in a 24-hour period!


Other heavy pockets of rain included Sherrard near 5.50″ and Burlington picking up more than 2.50″ of rainfall. Some severe weather reports were observed, too, with a few scattered instances of hail near an inch in diameter and brief, gusty winds. Thankfully for tonight and Sunday, the threat for severe weather will remain quite low.  Heavy rain and flash flooding will continue to be the main story.


Showers and thunderstorms are already moving in this evening and will continue for much of the night. Widespread rainfall amounts of one to three inches will be likely. As has been the case the last several days, some locally higher amounts will also be likely in spots. Sadly, this potential appears to be maximized over the same areas that have already seen heavy rain in the last couple of days.


For that reason, a new Flash Flood Watch has been issued for areas south and east of the Quad Cities through Sunday morning. These are the areas that picked up two to three inches of rainfall last night, and will once again be under the threat of additional heavy rains tonight and Sunday morning.


When you add up the rainfall for the entire month of September so far, some really impressive numbers begin to emerge. Princeton in Bureau County takes the top spot with 13.62″ of rain for the month.

Other Amounts for the month of September so far:

Walnut: 10.92″
Morrison: 8.82″
Galva: 14.69″
Geneseo: 9.76″
Altona: 11.11″
Knoxville: 10.44″
Burlington: 9.30″
Quad Cities: 7.13″
Muscatine: 7.68″
Camanche: 5.94″

Looking into the upcoming week ahead of us, we do have at least TWO more opportunities for heavy rainfall in front of us. The timing of these next waves favors late Tuesday night through much of Wednesday, and then again late Friday night into Saturday. Our temperature pattern will also be on a bit of a roller coaster, too, switching back to full summer mode for Monday. At least dry conditions will be found then into much of Tuesday as highs reach into the 80s with a bit of humidity, too.

On the riverfront, look for modest rises in river levels by Tuesday. Depending on the amount of rain we receive by the middle of next week, more rises can be expected. We’ll keep tracking that in the days ahead.

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke