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Signs of Spring: Migrating birds captured on weather radar

A massive flock of birds was picked up by National Weather Service radar

KEY WEST, Fla. — Typically, weather radar is used to track storms. But over the Florida Keys on Monday, it was a different object in the sky: birds. 

A few years ago, we didn't have the technology to see and detect these types of things with certainty.

Today's Doppler Radar has the ability to pick up different shapes of objects within the air. Hail, raindrops, and snowflakes are all differently-shaped, which makes radar analysis essential in identifying different types of severe weather. 

But birds are uniquely shaped from the Meteorological, and they're identifiable.

What kinds of birds are they? No one really knows. According to research by Cornell University, there are more than 100 types of birds that migrate in this region.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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