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Davenport soon kicks off 2022 construction season. What projects are ahead?

This city's primary focus for the construction season is the $9 million reconstruction of East 53rd Street.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Davenport will soon begin its 2022-23 construction season, and the city's plans for the season include work on both new and ongoing projects.

New projects include construction on 55 neighborhood streets, nine arterial streets, nine alley repairs, three flood-resiliency projects as well as trail and facility improvements.

Assistant Public Works Director Clay Merritt said a primary focus of the upcoming construction season will be continuing reconstruction of East 53rd Street, with work beginning at the Eastern Avenue intersection.

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"They'll actually start on the north half of that," Merritt said. "They'll block access from there. So if you're on eastern heading south, you'll actually have to detour around it because that entire portion of the intersection will be closed."

During construction, the four-lane road is expected to go down to two lanes, with one lane heading in each direction. The final goal of the project is to create a five-lane road.

"So you'll have five lanes of travel plus an eight-foot enhanced sidewalk on the south side and a five-foot sidewalk on the north side," Merritt said. 

Phase two of construction on the street will cost $9 million, with the budget being split into operation costs, such as salaries for police, fire and solid waste, and capital costs, which pays for large-scale projects.

Construction on East 53rd Street was estimated to take two years.

WATCH: Construction continues on East 53rd Street

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