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Meet the host of the ‘Missing and Murdered’ podcast

On Thursday, August 22, 2019, ‘Missing and Murdered’ host Toria Wilson, wants you to get to know her and her podcast.

CRIME CHAT: From the host that brought you the podcast, “Missing and Murdered in the Midwest,” WQAD News 8 Executive Producer Toria Wilson, sits down with those with direct knowledge to the cases that left the Quad City area asking questions.

EPISODE TWO: Toria Wilson, the executive producer for Good Morning Quad Cities, is no stranger to dealing and coping with crime and death in her personal life.

While Wilson spends most of her time managing the show that you wake up to during the week, earlier this year she was inspired to start a podcast. At first, the podcast was going to center around influential moments from throughout the decades.

The idea soon switched to true crime, specifically crimes that affected the Quad Cities.

Wilson knows first-hand that sometimes, those who are left in the dark in these cases are the families. She also understands that while people get caught up in the facts of the crime, the people whose lives are tragically cut short, are just that… people.

The idea behind ‘Crime Chat’, bonus Missing and Murdered podcast episodes, is to give family, friends, investigators, or even prosecutors, the opportunity to sit down with Wilson and discuss these cases on a more personal level.

Each Crime Chat episode aims to give a voice to the voiceless or, to at least offer a different perspective on the trials and investigations by the prosecutors and investigators themselves.

This podcast is to inform the public of the latest in cases from Trudy Appleby, who has been missing for 23 years, to Adrianne Reynolds, whose killers are trying to get out earlier than their original sentence.

For other cases, those that are closed and stacked away on shelves, this podcast is to remind the public that they did happen.

“Sometimes the news has to keep stories on the air short and sweet, to keep the viewer’s attention,” Wilson said. “The idea behind the podcast, is to give people the back story to these cases, whether they span months, years or decades.”

The episode will be published later that day on all podcast streaming platforms.

After a week hiatus, ‘Missing and Murdered’ is also back with a brand-new episode breaking down the case of Carrie Olson, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend Timothy McVay.

It comes just days after the news that McVay’s conviction stands, and he will remain in prison until 2054.