Off the Air: Local radio host describes leaving and coming back into the business three different times

Dave Levora has been let go from the two biggest radio companies in the Quad Cities, but now he's back at it, at a smaller, and local company
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Dave Levora has worked for iHeartRadio, Townsquare Media and been let go from both, so why would he get back into the business after all that?

He talked to me Monday, May 25 about his journey in the business. In May of this year, he celebrated his 25th year in it. 

Levora started his career in Dubuque before moving to the Quad Cities in May of 1995 to take a job at what was Connoisseur Media at the time. Cumulus Media of the Quad Cities then bought them. Finally, in 2013, Townsquare Media bought Cumulus. A restructuring plan was put in place, and that resulted in him losing his job. 

After selling beer for a while, advertising at WQAD, and launching a podcast with Darren Pitra (which he still does and is now his co-host on the radio), Levora got back into his original passion.

In 2018, he took a job at WOC, owned by iHeartRadio. He was working there for two years when in January of this year, the company cut 1,000 people nationwide. He was one of those people.

In April of this year, he took a job at Regional Media, run by CEO Fletcher Ford out of Blue Grass, and in the past month, he has enjoyed his time immensely with Pitra back on the radio. The two are on the air from 5:30 a.m. to 10, every weekday morning on Planet 93.9-FM, in the Quad City area. 

Their podcast is called 'Dave & Darren’s Top Five Things.' If you recognize Levora's voice, he's also the host of our local beer show called Brewed, on News 8. For more on Levora, click here. For more on Brewed, click here.