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Missing and Murdered in the Midwest: John Robinson Part 3, The Internet's First Serial Killer

'Missing and Murdered' podcast ends this special three-part series with how John Robinson was captured, the chaotic courtroom and how the sole survivor lives on.

Toria Duffey, Hannah Rodriguez


MISSING AND MURDERED IN THE MIDWEST: A podcast looking into crimes that made the headlines, starting in the Quad City area and expanding throughout the Midwest. Podcast host and News 8 Executive Producer Toria Wilson, dedicated her time into researching the murder cases that shocked us and the missing persons cases that left us with unanswered questions.

A REAL warning to all readers of this article and/or listeners of this episode: there are some extremely graphic and disturbing facts from this case.

On Friday, June 2, 2000, John Robinson was charged with sexual assault and theft. 

But we know, and investigators had a hunch, that Robinson had done way more than what he was originally charged with. Now, with a search warrant in hand it was up to investigators to find proof.

That summer afternoon, Detectives Dawn Layman, Dan Owsley and Mike Lowther were tasked to enter the Robinson home and collect whatever evidence they could find. They started, in John's office. For the next five hours, those detectives cataloged and carried out things like:

- forged certificates

- blank piece of stationary with the signature from Lisa Stasi and envelopes addressed to her family members

- receipts from the Roadway Inn where Lisa stayed

- Social Security forms for Debbie and Sheila Faith

- e-mail addresses of the victims he would speak with

- credit cards and forms with some of his aliases such as James Turner 

- documents for Hydro-Glo with Beverly Bonner’s name

They also took his 5 computers and all the floppy disks he used with them. The computers held 91,000 files that may or may not be evidence. Computer forensic specialist Mike Jacobson was assigned to the task of going through all of these files. Even files that had been deleted were retrieved.

While all of this activity was happening in and around the Robinson home you have to remember they live in a mobile home park, which was being operated by Nancy Robinson, John’s wife. Nancy saw the commotion happening but assumed it was one of the tenants being picked up for a minor crime. 

It came as quite a shock when officers approached her office and informed her that her husband was being held at the detention center for sexual battery. The officers also asked her a lot of personal questions about her own sex life with John, including his presence on the BDSM websites. 

Listen to the previous episode here:

Nancy said she knew her husband was on these sites but when confronted about it he said he was just looking around the internet and that was the end of that. Nancy was not only confronted by police in her office but also by reporters

It wouldn’t take long for Nancy to leave her job and the park itself and never return.

As the commotion continued at the park, some of the detectives visited the Need-Mor Storage facility on another search warrant for the locker John rented. Once the door swung open, investigators found collections of trophies from the dead women John interacted with.

That included Suzette Trouton. 

Her belongings were in the storage unit including her Social Security card, birth certificate, passport application and her signature on 30 pieces of stationary with 40 addresses of her family members. There was a slave contract, a video the two of them made together, pictures, Suzette’s journal, a jewelry box and a Mickey Mouse watch.

Credit: Lenexa Police Dept.

That also included Izabela Lewicka.

Her driver's license and Purdue University ID were found. Izabela's slave contract with John and documents for a 1987 Pontiac Bonneville were in the unit. Photographs she brought with her to Kansas City of young woman, lying nude, on green and maroon bedding were also found.

Credit: Lenexa Police Dept.

The sex toys that were stolen from Vicki Neufeld were at the storage facility as well along with dozens of other toys and sexual equipment.

Investigators digging around the storage facility and the Robinson home wasn't the end and it wasn’t the last location officers searched.