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Missing and Murdered in the Midwest: John Robinson Part 2 Hunting on the Internet

'Missing and Murdered' podcast continues to break down Robinson's serial killer spree along the Kansas/Missouri border, once he's released from prison.

Toria Duffey, Hannah Rodriguez


MISSING AND MURDERED IN THE MIDWEST: A podcast looking into crimes that made the headlines, starting in the Quad City area and expanding throughout the Midwest. Podcast host and News 8 Executive Producer Toria Wilson, dedicated her time into researching the murder cases that shocked us and the missing persons cases that left us with unanswered questions.

A REAL warning to all readers of this article and/or listeners of this episode: there are some extremely graphic and disturbing facts within this case. 

John Robinson: a perceived business, community and family man with a dark secret of being a manipulator, child kidnapper and potential killer. When we ended the last episode, John had just left prison needing money to kick-start his schemes with bloodier ambitions 

Before getting into the grittier parts of John Robinson’s crimes (because he really ramps up after exiting prison) there are a few things to note about who this man is.

John is a unique serial killer in that he never suffered a severe head injury or killed animals.

However, he still had many classic traits of serial killers such as signs of antisocial personality disorder. John, and many like him with the same diagnosis, have a superficial charm but are emotionally stunted, unreliable and are able to put on a charade. They also have above-average intelligence. 

John still knew right from wrong, he knew the consequences of his actions, but simply didn’t care.

When finding his victims, John worked similarly to killers such as John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer. He’d hide his victims and try to throw off police if they got remotely close to him using letters he would send to family members with the signatures of the victims. 

In the past, he fell through the cracks in the legal system. 

John thought he was smarter and better than law enforcement, invisible in some ways. For all those around him; from John’s victims; to the community; to law enforcement and to his family; John couldn’t have done evil things because he just didn’t fit a stereotypical profile: he was older, shorter, nice, not particularly good looking and in poor health.

His seemingly 'normal' profile fooled people leading to shock later on when it became known that John was into kinks like sadomasochism, or BDSM, which stands for bondage, dominance, submission and masochism. 

BDSM can include individuals who get off on inflicting physical pain, or humiliation, either on themselves or another person. Many of these relationships are positive and consensual between a dominant, or a master, and a submissive, or a slave. Crucial to these types of relationships is trust. BDSM is not entirely about inflicting pain, but being able to explore a different side of sex with someone who WON’T cause lasting physical harm… like being murdered or beaten to a bloody pulp.

John was connected to a secretive, underground group called the International Council of Masters, a group dedicated forming these types of connections. John recruited number of new slaves, some willing, others not. 

He was so successful that in the organization he was nicknamed 'SlaveMaster'. Later, John would end up using that nickname on the internet.