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'We can relate' - On A Mother Level | Top episodes of 2020

Motherhood is a wild ride. And the 'On A Mother Level Podcast' lays it all out there. From sleep advice to postpartum depression - it's parenthood on a mother level.
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MOLINE, Ill. — In between the cuddles and joys motherhood can bring, the experience of welcoming a new person into the world isn't for the faint of heart.  Every woman's story is different. From sleepless nights to pregnancy loss it truly does take a village and we can relate.  

Join in on the podcast and hear the trials and triumphs of moms doing the best they can to navigate one of life's greatest adventures - parenthood, on a Mother level. 

Here are the top five must listens of "On A Mother Level," a podcast hosted by WQAD News 8 anchor and mom of two, Denise Hnytka

Here are the top five must-listens from 2020:

Episode 34: Ada & Brayden:

This episode remembers and celebrates Ada and Brayden, two angels born sleeping. 

They are so loved that they are inspiring their mothers and families to "do better" for other families through an important project for the Quad Cities. Lyndsey Day and Jess Buntemeyer join Denise to talk about raising money and support for the No Foot Too Small Birthing + Bereavement Suite at Genesis East Hospital in Davenport. It's a safe place to say goodbye for families who don't get to bring their baby home.

Through their work and personal experiences, they discuss what they've learned in caring for grieving families.  They share which sentiments can come across as hurtful, however well intended they may be.

Learn more about NFTS Bereavement Suites, Ada Marie Day and Brayden Buntemeyer.

How to donate to Brayden's Fund.

Episode 30 - Lady Doctor

Dr. Ashley Kaiser, OB/GYN joins Denise to help celebrate her little boy's first birthday with a conversation about strength, growth, and the challenges of the first year of motherhood. 

Denise opens up about her own experiences with repeat C-sections and postpartum depression, plus the Facebook post that led to an important diagnosis. It's Denise's most personal episode yet about the fourth trimester, when to reach out for help, and how you can help your mom friends. 

Episode 28 - Tough Love 

Your sleep questions answered! Greta Zude from "My Baby Can Sleep" (an Amazon best seller!) is talking to Denise to help you tackle the challenges that are keeping you, your baby, and your toddler from getting a good night's sleep. Greta is offering some tough love to moms who are sometimes afraid to just say NO, and she's not afraid to get real about what's really keeping your kids up at night. Quiet nights are ahead if you heed her advice. 

Learn more about the "Sleep Guarantee"

Episode 32 - Micaela's Hope

Alma Brunson lost her 16-year-old daughter Micaela to suicide back in 2016. Through her grief, Alma's mission now is to change the way families talk about mental health, depression and anxiety. She and her husband have been working to honor Micaela's life through scholarships, organ donation awareness, blood drives and other programs through "Micaela's Hope" to offer more resources for those facing mental health problems, especially in their teen years.

Episode 55 - ICU Nurse

Michelle Gibson Lake works in the ICU, caring for COVID-19 patients. 

RELATED: Quad City ICU Nurse goes into detail about the strain of the surge

For her, wearing a mask is personal. It means you or your loved one won't end up in one of her beds, on a ventilator. She talks about the mental and emotional toll this pandemic is taking on healthcare workers. Her firsthand experiences told to Denise are part of a conversation that may change the way you look at the way our country has responded to the pandemic.


When it comes to parenthood, we can relate.

Your kids have some disgusting habits. We’ll talk about them. Your husband served nachos for breakfast? That sounds good. You cried today? That’s gonna happen.

These are the ups and downs of motherhood, and we are here for them all.

Join WQAD News 8 anchor Denise Hnytka as she explores parenthood on a MOTHER level. She’s opening up about what makes being a mom the best/worst/most amazing/unexpected adventure in life.

You’ll meet unstoppable moms who handle the home life while launching their own businesses. And we’ll teach the men a thing or two about multi-tasking when we explore parenthood through their eyes.

New episodes available weekly.

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