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QC viral dancer now starting QB for Davenport Central

Millions saw 10-year-old Tatum Roselle show off his dance moves in a viral 2017 video. Today, he's still using his impressive moves, but in a different way.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — In January 2017, 10-year-old Tatum Roselle became an overnight viral sensation after WQAD's Kory Kuffler captured a video of him showing off his dancing skills at a United Township basketball game.

That video has now received millions of views, and the now 16-year-old Roselle never stopped showing off his athleticism.

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Today, Roselle is a junior starting quarterback for the Davenport Central football team. 

"Whenever I see it always brings a smile on my face. It always makes me think about...that old times. You just a lot of fun back then," Roselle said.

Davenport Central football head coach Alex Berg remembers the first time he saw the video. "I was like, who is this kid turning up? This is so cool. Like he was just getting after it and like that song was really popular at that point. And yeah, I mean, I just thought it was really cool."

These days, Tatum is focused on becoming an elite quarterback. 

"[I] workout every day, do other football stuff, go to camps all that you know, just want to be the best I can be," Roselle said of his new routine.

Even as his focus has shifted to football, Roselle still credits his dancing background as contributing to his on-field successes. "Footwork, especially at quarterback, you got to be able to move your feet well so dance, you know, I'm good with my hips and unglue my feet." 

Berg agrees that his footwork is one of the skills that sets Tatum apart. "I would definitely say as far as his pocket presents and him being able to escape out of some sacks. We run read runs like him able to run the ball, you can tell like his his footwork is quick," Berg said.   

As far as dancing on the football field goes? Roselle says, "I try not to get a flag and have my coach be mad at me. So maybe if we're winning a lot, I might have to bust a move out there."

Coach Berg isn't onboard with the on-field dancing, saying, "I tell all the kids you can't do that in the end zone but what I always tell him is go to the sideline and then we could do it. So maybe you know we can have him do a little jig on the sideline if he scores."

Roselle has already scored five touchdowns this year, and will almost certainly continue growing into an integral piece for the Blue Devils offense.

As for his dancing skills? Make sure to keep an eye out for them on Friday nights after a Blue Devils touchdown. 

Quad City sports fans can catch Roselle and the Blue Devils when they travel to Bettendorf to take on the Bulldogs this Friday, Sept. 23.

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