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More than 2 dozen Rocky senior athletes sign NLI

Some athletes are staying close to home, others taking their talents to different states.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — In a unique celebration, 25 Rock Island athletes signed their National Letters of Intent to take their talents to the college level. Nine different sports were represented, with some athletes electing to play closer to home and others heading off to different states. In light of COVID-19, each senior was allowed to bring two supporters with them to the table and the signings were done in groups of six on the tennis court. The tables were wiped down in between groups and were separated by several feet. Other spectators and seniors waiting for their turn watched from their cars. 

Here's a full list of the Rocks who celebrated their signing: 

Girls Track       

·       Hayla Hathorn – Augustana College                                                         

·       Hailey Reeds – Augustana College


Boys Track      

·       Austin Meirhaeghe – Augustana College                                               

·       Aminia Mashimango – Augustana College                                                

·       Peter Kimba – Dubuque University                                                         Boys Soccer    

·       Peter Kimba – Dubuque University                                                       

·       Michael Machuca – North Central University of Minnesota

 Boys BBall       

·       Malachi Key – Milwaukee Area Tech College                                        

·       Taurean Holtam – Black Hawk College                                     

·       Andrew McDuffy – Black Hawk College

 Girls BBall      

·       Morgan Freeman – Black Hawk College                                                

·       Breona Williams – Black Hawk College                                     

·       Hannah Simmer – Augustana College                                                  


·       Jayden Upton – Loras                                                                          

·       MJ Stern – University of Illinois 


·       Joey DiIulio – Black Hawk College                                                                                

·       Alec Straw – Volleyball – Augustana College    

Girls Swim       

·       Madelynn DePover – ILL College                                                            

·       Tristan Lambert – Monmouth College                                                   


·       Kelsey Freeman – St. Ambrose University                                             

·       Heather Motley – St. Ambrose University

·       Bailey Tripilas – St. Ambrose  University                                                   Softball

·       Madalynn Brummit – Black Hawk College                                                 Volleyball

·       Raghen Walker – North Park  University                                                

·       Kaitlyn Welsh – Black Hawk College