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A triple threat: Meet the twins, turned unofficial triplets, volunteering at the John Deere Classic

If you do a double (or triple) take, you wouldn't be the first one! These identical twins have an unrelated third doppelganger and all three work at the JDC.

SILVIS, Ill. — If you think you're seeing double, you're not the only one! 

There's a triple threat for fans, players and volunteers at the John Deere Classic. And they're all bearded, broad-shouldered and ginger. 

Brian and Billy Johnson are identical twins. The brothers both work for Deere & Company and for the past several years, have also volunteered at the classic together. 

Both work in the cart barn, shuttling carts, supplies and meals around TPC Deere Run. They joke that people get most confused when one of the twins drives by going one way while the other speeds past in the other direction. 

"It's fun just watching the classic come alive. Getting all the people in, taking everybody out where they need to go, dropping them off. It's an awesome event for the community and it's a lot of fun to come watch," said Brian. 

On the day that we met them, Billy and Brian were sporting matching shirts, pants, hats and sunglasses. Even during our story, we couldn't tell them apart. 

"I got my nametag on today, so that'll help," laughed Brian. 

For their whole lives, the two have done nearly everything together. 

"We work together and have traveled together," said Billy. "At the classic we usually try to pair up together and enjoy a little more festivities." 

But this story doesn't end with just twins. It's where Justin Anderson gets thrown in as well. 

"Hi, I'm Justin. I'm not the twin!" 

Despite being 10 years their senior, Anderson has no relation to the Johnson brothers. But by looking at him, you'd never guess. Around the same height and build, Anderson also sports the same ginger beard and easy-going smile. 

And the cherry on top? He also works at Deere & Company and volunteers at the classic's cart barn as well. 

"Most of the time I like to introduce myself as Brian Johnson because I feel like he can get away with a lot more," laughed Anderson. "We always feed off each other. We're always trying to top each other with jokes and stuff, so it's a good time." 

When they're together, it's almost impossible to discern which one is the odd-man-out. 

While we were filming the three, Ky Boyle happened to drive by on his cart. The grunt crew members couldn't help but stop and take a picture of the three "identical" men. 

"What do you mean?! You mean they're not all related," questioned Boyle. "They all look as though they could be!" 

Used to the mix-ups, the three 'brothers' just laugh when others can't tell them apart. 

"Me and Justin used to work together a lot," said Brian. "So we'd always mess with people." 

"Some people don't even believe I exist, so it's fine," laughed Billy. 

Like long-lost brothers, in more than just appearance. It's a chosen family, thicker than blood mixed with water. 

"They're good looking guys. I mean, they're having fun," said Boyle. "These guys are out here giving us their time and they're having a lot of fun doing it. And the ultimate winners are the (classic's) charities. That's good stuff." 

And when something's that good, why settle for just one?

So be warned, if you're looking to volunteer at the next John Deere Classic. You might just meet your twin... or your triplets. 

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