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How to watch Chicago baseball during the 2020 season

You may have to change the way you catch professional baseball on TV.
Cubs game ends in the middle of the night

If you have Thursday, March 26 circled on your calendar, you're probably a die-hard baseball fan. That's Major League Baseball's Opening Day.

Fans in the Quad Cities looking to catch Chicago's Cubs and White Sox games can watch on TV or online.

Marquee Sports Network is hosting the Cubs games for the 2020 season. Click here to see if your provider carries Marquee Sports and on which channel.

NBC Sports Chicago will be hosting White Sox games for the season. Click here for details on how you can sign in with your cable provider and watch.

For those who are part of the cord-cutting movement, there are places you can catch the games online. 

Streaming services:

MLB TV allows fans to watch all games or one team's games based on a monthly or yearly subscription. 

Hulu+Live TV will carry Marquee Sports Network's coverage for Cubs games.

Furbo TV offers professional sports, including MLB games.

These broadcasting changes are due to a decision made by the teams that none of their games would be available for local stations to carry, other than on FOX Network's national games.  

Find full schedules here:  Cubs White Sox