"It can get really scary really fast": Ethan Happ self-quarantining at home in Milan after playing in Italy

Happ was enjoying a great start to his professional career until the Coronavirus quickly changed that.

MILAN, Illinois — Ethan Happ was enjoying a great start to his professional basketball career in Italy averaging a double-double and was in the running for league MVP.

The former Rockridge standout's plans all changed thanks to COVID-19. Happ travelled back to the Quad Cities and is currently under a self-quarantine after seeing the impact of the virus first-hand.

"It got so bad in Italy that the hospitals were so overrun and they were literally choosing who they were going to treat," Happ said. "If you were younger and more likely to beat the virus then they were going to accept you and if you were older-aged or had preexisting conditions they were just sending them home, telling them best of luck. Which is a real scary thing."

Happ said his parents both have preexisting conditions and are currently staying at a hotel while he self-isolates at home. 

"It's easy for people to blow this off as another flu strain but it's a lot different and it's a lot more serious by how quickly it can spread," Happ said. "It can get real scary real fast and we are on track for that if we don't change our behavior."

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