Let’s Try: Organic and fun personal care stocking stuffers for him & her, plus yummy snacks

I spent the entire month of November testing several different personal care products to see if they are worth giving, here’s what I found out.

Brody Wooddell is a foodie, a fitness enthusiast, a gamer, and a comedian. He is the host of WQAD’s Date Night Dining, Let’s Try, and 8 Eats.

As the Christmas season approaches one of the most stressful problems is what presents to get for your friends and loved ones! Well lucky for you procrastinators I spent the entire month of November testing several different personal care products and seasonal snacks to see if they are worth giving, here’s what I found out.

Below is my most recent podcast appearance where you can see me try some of the foods and talk about them with host Taco Tory!

Food Reviews

Snack Factory

What I tried: Peppermint Pretzel Crisps (White and regular chocolate)

Is Christmas really complete without chocolate covered pretzels? These are the ideal gift snack because everybody loves these things and they just evoke that holiday feeling!

They are a pretzel crisp so they are much more delicate and tasty than a regular pretzel, and the chocolate covering doesn’t taste cheap like you might expect from these types of products. The white chocolate is particularly delicious.


Milano/ Pepperidge Farms

What I tried: The Caramel macchiato, Irish cream, and peppermint varieties.

OK let’s be honest, you’ve probably had these before. They are tasty and gourmet. While I try to stay away from cookies in order to maintain my girlish figure (190 pounds in case you’re wondering) these things had me cheating on my diet. The entire office nearly stampeded me in order to try them. Needless to say, the four bags they sent were eaten almost immediately.

These special holiday varieties are especially delicious as they dare to go beyond the (boring?) regular chocolate flavor.

Steel Reserve

What I tried: All of them, in a really cool box.

I loved these things.  They are tallboys which are perfect for holiday get together drinking and they have a variety of amazing flavors. I know most people pick one drink and stick to that all night but I like to switch up the flavor after every other drink and these are great for that.

These particular varieties are special for the holidays as they say funny stuff on the back for when you’re supposed to drink them! My personal favorite was “When your dad’s new girlfriend is the same age as you.”

Their newest flavor is strawberry. It’s really good but my favorite was the tropical flavor.

If you’re familiar with other malt liquors you kind of know what to expect. All I can say is the flavor is more pure and potent if that makes sense.  Give them a try! I’ll never go back to Mike’s Hard.


Post, Twinkie Cereal

Yes that viral cereal everyone is talking about is worth trying!

What I thought was just another novelty cereal is actually pretty yummy. This is especially perfect for the little ones. It’s also just a tad healthier than regular Twinkies!

They are crunchy with just the right amount of creamy flavor.






Kellog’s Eggo Waffle Cereal

Eggo Waffles are convenient and delicious. You know what else is delicious cereal, well in the early 2000s they combined the two, and now they are back!

Kellogg’s announced that the cereal would be coming back this month to Walmart back in August, also Eggo tweeted that fans needed to retweet them 10,000 times and they would bring it back. They did get their 10,000 retweets and now waffle cereal is back.

This stuff is pretty good, not as good as having an actual waffle but it takes even less time! Just like the real thing I prefer the blueberry over regular. Who says you can’t give cereal as a stocking stuffer! You don’t even have to freeze these.

Personal Care Reviews

Waxing Kara

What I tried: The Winter-Warming Ritual Stack – “Say goodbye to dry winter skin. Jack Frost doesn’t stand a chance against this moisturizing skincare routine.”

Waxing Kara

This stuff is amazing, it solves problems I didn’t even know I had! They all smell great and they work as advertised. If you can get past the gimmick what you’ll find is a very effective product. I’ll continue to use this stuff when I run out even if I have to use my own money, it’s that good! IF nothing else get the spray, that stuff is AWESOME.

Also, they support men’s health! The “Give-A-Sack” Edition Ballwash donates $3 to testicular cancer research and awareness for every bottle sold. $15 for 8 oz. bottle.

The Nut Rub Solid Cologne is a beeswax-based solid cologne that can be used anywhere (such as on the neck and wrists) but also on the pair down there where it won’t cause any irritation.  $15 for 1 oz. tin. All three scents are also available as a bundle for $39.  This stuff is great too, it’s very subtle and is sure to please you or whoever has to deal with that situation!

My personal favorite from this month’s products is definitely the Sack Spray. It’s a PH balanced spray that helps neutralize odor on-the-go while helping soften and soothe. It’s great as nether-regions and full body spray, and perfect when there’s no time for access to a shower. I have no idea what black magic makes this stuff work but I’ll never go without it now. $15 for 8 oz.

For more information, visit www.ballsybrand.com


If you have products you’d like for me to try you can contact me at brody.wooddell@wqad.com.