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The Waiting Room: News 8 reporter vlogs 14 days of self-isolation

Reporter Marissa Sulek is playing safe and self-isolating while experiencing flu-like symptoms. Here's her experience.


Symptoms, the experience of getting tested for common illnesses, and how Marissa is going to keep herself occupied. 



The highs and lows of self-isolation and a break-down of how News 8 is functioning via remote work.



Marissa's feeling a little bit better, and is keeping herself sane by keeping an eye on the newscast where mostly everyone is working remotely.  Today she braves the elements to get some fresh air!



Marissa is finding unity with a new symptom that's been discovered in conjunction with coronavirus, a lack of taste and smell. 

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Feeling better, she's taking on a recycling effort at her apartment building!


Wednesday: Marissa needed a break.



Marissa discusses the Instagram "until tomorrow" trend.

She's still lacking some smell and taste abilities, but still tried to enjoy the outdoors.



Taste bud update, they're coming back!

Marissa shares her most recent organization obsession.


Saturday: Going for a run! ... and contemplating chicken.


Sunday: Marissa teaches you how to make her traditional weekend snack. And her taste buds are back! 


Finale:  She's done with quarantine!

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