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You’ve heard of porch pirates, but here is a porch hero!

He’s not the UPS delivery driver we deserved, but he’s the UPS delivery driver we needed.

CLINTON, North Carolina -- A UPS delivery driver is working extra hard to protect his customers' packages from theft.

Driver Vince Talley took extra care with a new TV that was delivered on Wednesday, December 11, rearranging the decor on homeowner Latoya Price's front porch to hide the package, according to a report by WRAL.

The kind action was caught on a security camera, which impressed the homeowner.

"It really meant a lot to me, because I do see all of the negative from their job," she said, reported WRAL.

The video shows Talley placing the TV low, moving a planter in front of it and then camouflaged it further with a wreath.

According to WRAL, Talley said he treats every package like his own.