Two teenagers return to Mary Davis Home after escaping the center last week

Two teens return to Mary Davis Home in Galesburg after escaping the juvenile detention center with three others last week.

GALESBURG, Illinois -- Two teenagers are back in custody after escaping from Mary Davis Home with three others on Wednesday, November 13th.

They both made court appearances this morning, Knox County Sheriff David Clague says. Their cases aren't public because of their age.

According to a press release from the Knox County Sheriff's Department, the riot started when everyone was getting into their cells for the night. One of the teenagers hit a staff member, and then a second was also struck when he came to help.

During that confrontation, four staff members total were hurt. The five teenagers were able to take one of the staff member's keys, get into a boiler room where they found a set of car keys, then escaped through that room to steal a staff member's car.

The five then took off for the Quad Cities. One of the teenagers was arrested by Davenport police on Thursday morning, November 14th, just blocks away from where police found the empty stolen vehicle. A second teenager was arrested on Friday, November 15th.

Three teenagers are still at large.

Sheriff Clague says the juvenile detention center was near capacity of 30 detainees, with 27 teenagers that night. He also adds that the five did know each other.

Sheriff Clague says the department is coordinating with Davenport Police and other local departments to try and find the other three teens still on the run.