Trick-or-treaters brave the snowiest Halloween in Quad Cities history

Some trick-or-treaters decided to move the tradition indoors this year.

MOLINE, Illinois - This year's Halloween was the snowiest and was among the coldest Halloween's in Quad Cities History, but trick-or-treating was not interrupted in most places.

In Davenport, kids ran from house to house wearing layers and begging for candy.

Brandon Garnica was "freezing," while supervising his kids. But, he said being one of the few to brave the cold had some perks.

"Everyone handing out candy is handing out hand fulls," said Garnica.

His children were in costume, but were bundled up.

He said his daughter was wearing a coat and three jackets. His son had on four pairs on pants.

"You can see the costumes but, they're pretty bulky tonight," said Garnica.

Other families still participated in the traditional trick-or-treating, but found new ways to get their Halloween sugar fix.

Several local businesses opened up their doors to allow kids a safe and warm place to trick-or-treat.

"We came inside without our coats, we left them outside and it was just nice to walk around and got a little bit of that still," said Julie McCurdy. She brought her 9-year-old daughter Macy and a family friend, Grace, to trick-or-treat at Vibrant Credit Union in Moline.

"With the snow on the ground today, we just wanted to make sure they could show off their costumes, get some candy and enjoy the holiday," said Liz Rose, Vice President of Marketing at Vibrant Credit Union.

The employee's at the credit union were dressed up and children moved from station to station to get candy.

Meanwhile, at Moline's Factor of Fear Haunted House, the indoor fun continued.

The haunted house, which has a reputation to be among the scariest in the area, toned down the scare for several hours to allow youngsters to celebrate the day for free.

"The weather outside, It`s terrible. It's cold, it's been snowing, everybody has been enduring the snow storm. So, we decided to bring them inside and it`s a nice quiet environment for the kids," said Perry Jacobs, Owner of Factor of Fear.

So, while the kids still got their candy, people like Kimberly Linhart, who takes her grandkids trick-or-treating every year, were happy to be warm.

"It's just too cold out," said Linhart. "I`d come back here if they did it again!"

Other locations throughout the area, including all HyVee Grocery Stores in the area also had free trick-or-treating for families.

A cold community determined to make sure Halloween was full of tradition inside and out.