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THIS WEEK: We’re not heading into a recession

KRIZ: “Most of the economists do not think so,”

DAVENPORT, Iowa – A leading analyst of the Midwestern economy says we can expect an economic slowdown in the coming year but nothing more dire.

In other words, no recession.

"Most of the economists do not think so," said University of Illinois distinguished professor Dr. Kenneth Kriz who specializes in economic trends in Iowa, Illinois and neighboring states.

"The indicators that I follow indicate a slowing of growth but not a recession."

Dr. Kriz says that slowing mans we'll see more modest job increases from month to month, perhaps 50,000 to 150,000 jobs created nationwide rather than triple that amount we saw a year ago.

"But again, we're not talking about levels in the 2008-2009 period when you're losing 600,000 jobs a month," he added.

You can watch Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce president Paul Rumler's reaction to the economic forecast and the group's efforts to grow the economy by clicking here.

Dr. Kriz addressed the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce's annual economic forecast meeting.

He said Deere and Company faces son challenges thanks to a farm economy that faces agricultural trade wars, bad weather, and low commodity prices.


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