Thieves rob man with prosthetic leg during his physical therapy walk

A St. Louis man that is missing part of his leg was out walking to get used to his prosthetic when he was approached from behind and robbed at gunpoint.
KMOV Man With Disabilities Robbed

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) — Michael Williams lost part of his right leg last June and still struggles getting used to walking with a prosthetic leg.

“My therapist told me I had to start walking more, so I could get used to wearing the prosthetic leg and I can feel like it is part of me,” he said. “So I can stop struggling.”

So, Williams took a walk Wednesday in the 1400 block of Carr Street. During is walk, he became a victim of a different kind.

“I just feel these hands on my ear. They’re just taking my ear pods out of my ear and saying give me everything you got,” he said.

The former retail store manager, who now collects $950 a month from disability, says he threw up his hands, after noticing the suspect had a gun.

“I knew the gun was real when I heard the safety click,” he recalled.

Police say the thieves took Williams’ wallet, phone, watch and headphones.

“They were young. You can tell by their voice,” Williams said. “I didn’t see any faces. They were behind me the whole time.”

Williams is not confident St. Louis police will catch the two people who robbed him, but he believes the thieves wasted their time.

“I don’t understand who would rob a physically disabled person. They got a wallet. There is really nothing they can do with it,” he said.