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Davenport business opens back up after downtown building collapse; other owners still waiting for their turn

Source Book Store opened back up on Thursday for the first time since the collapse. One nearby business owner said he's waiting for his turn.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — It's now been 11 days since the Davenport building collapsed. Since then, many nearby businesses have been forced to shut down. 

On Thursday, the city let some of those businesses, like Source Book Store, open for the first time since the June 28th incident. Nora Ambler, an employee at the bookstore, says it was a waiting game to go back to work. 

"When Carter the owner texted me and told me he got the email, I was very excited," Amber said. "I've basically been sitting in my apartment following the news story about the building. I've been sad about everything that has happened, but it's nice to be able to begin to recoup and we hope others nearby are able to do the same eventually." 

While the business is now open, others alongside the 3rd and Main St. block are still waiting to be able to open back up. 

Me & Billy Owner Bill Collins calls the whole event unfortunate. 

"We feel bad for everyone that was involved in the incident," Collins said. "It's just frustrating when you're used to opening your business every day and right now we can't do anything." 

Being unable to be in business is costing Collins money. Collins said, "There's zero business right now and we are probably looking at a substantial financial loss." 

The city said Me & Billy is located in the fall zone from the building, therefore making it difficult for them to allow the restaurant to reopen. 

"They can't say exactly when we're going to get in the building until they move a little further in the demolition process," Collins said. "We would love to be right back in business, but we understand the situation that the city is facing. They have been communicating with us on when we can open back up and we hope that will be soon." 

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