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Shoppers preparing for winter during this season’s early snowfall

Last year’s rough winter has some people preparing early for winter, just in time for this week’s snow.

MOLINE, Illinois -- This season's early snowfall has most people rushing to prepare for winter, but the store manager at Trevor True Value says she's also noticed people preparing earlier than before, especially after last year's rough winter.

Lisa Trevor says the hardware store has already seen hundreds of people bring in their snowblowers for repairs since early this summer. The store usually sees people start their repairs in the fall months.

"(The weather has) gotten people in the mood to get ready, starting to bring in their snowblowers to service," Trevor says.

The extra foot traffic is a bonus for the store during the second snowfall of October 2019. But, Trevor says that there will always be late shoppers.

"There's always about 25 percent who plan in advance and get ready, and some (people) bring their blowers in in the summer," she says. "But a lot of people come when it hits, and all of a sudden it's 'Oh no, the snowblower isn't starting."

So far this month, Trevor says the store is selling ice melt and snowblowers the most. Shovels aren't flying off the shelves just yet, since the first snow on October 29, 2019 didn't stick to the pavement in the area.

"Well (the early snowfall) does get a little exciting, then all of a sudden you feel like Christmas is coming with the weather change," Trevor says. "But some people aren't happy, and nobody likes to shovel."

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