Rock Island County residents invited to speak out on proposed tax hike

Let your voice be heard as Rock Island County considers increasing property taxes. Tonight at 5 p.m. the public is invited to a ‘Truth in Taxation’ ...

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- The Rock Island County Board is considering an 8.9% property tax increase.

The increase will help cover the cost of the county's contribution to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, rising Medicare and Social Security costs, and to help cover pending legal settlements.

The county collects about $260 million dollars each year in property tax revenue but only about 12%, or $30 million dollars, stays in Rock Island County.

The biggest reason for the proposed tax increase is because the county is struggling to keep up with rising pension costs, according to County Administrator Jim Snider.

"It's not just a Rock Island issue," Snider said. "It's a local government issue throughout Illinois where cities and counties are struggling to make those payments."

At 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19 the board will be holding a 'Truth in Taxation' hearing at the county office at 1504 Third Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois. Those wanting to present a testimony to the county needs to contact the assistant to the county administrator.