QC leaders emphasize importance of counting children for 2020 Census

Children under the age of 5 are critical for the 2020 Census says Quad City area leaders.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Quad City leaders met at the YWCA to discuss the 2020 census with a focus on children under the age of five.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported 1 million children were undercounted in the 2010 census.  They say a lot of families complete the census, but they forget to include their children.

Leaders in the area say it’s necessary to have an accurate number so communities can receive proper funding.

“For us to miss 1 million children as was stated in 2010, 10 years is a lot for a child,” says Theresa Le of the U.S. Census Bureau Chicago.  “That is their entire childhood when you think about that.  And that’s very sobering.”

Quad City area school districts have discussed becoming a location people can go to ensure they complete the census.  Since the census application will be available for the first time online this year, they say schools have internet and computers people can access.

“I think it’s a way that schools, school districts, communities can assist in the counting because we have computer labs, we have mobile devices, we are sometimes used as polling places, so we have availability to the families,” say Dr. Mark Klaisner, President of Illinois Association of Regional Superintendent of Schools.

The U.S. Census Bureaus says if there is an inaccurate number during the count that will impact funding for certain community services.