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YOUR VOICE, YOUR VOTE Anderson (R) vs. Johnson (D)

Republican Sen. Neil Anderson faces Democratic challenger Gregg Johnson for the Illinois Quad City Senate seat.

MOLINE, Illinois – It’s one of the most fought over pieces of political territory in Western Illinois and the Democrats want it back.

The Illinois 36th State Senate District was held by Denny Jacobs and his son Mike Jacobs for two generations until Republican Neil Anderson won in 2014.

Anderson, a Moline firefighter, and paramedic, now faces a challenge from Democrat Gregg Johnson, a retired Corrections Department supervisor and AFSCME local president.

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This discussion is part of a series you can watch on WQAD.com.

Other candidates who have confirmed to appear are:

  • Tuesday, October 2: Iowa 91st District House- Rep. Gary Carlson (R) vs. Laura Liegois (D)
  • Tuesday, October 9: Iowa 94th District House- Rep. Gary Mohr (R) vs. Joan Marttila (D)
  • Thursday, October 11: Illinois 72nd House- Rep. Mike Halpin (D) vs. Glen Evans, Sr. (R)
  • Monday, October 15: Illinois 36th Senate- Sen. Neil Anderson (R) vs. Gregg Johnson (D)
  • Wednesday, October 17: Illinois 25 House- Joan Padilla (D) vs. Rep. Tony McCombie (R)
  • Thursday, October 18: Iowa 47th Senate: Marie Gleason (D)
  • Tuesday, October 23: Iowa 49th Senate: Patti Robinson (D)
  • Wednesday, October 24: Iowa 92nd House: Rep. Ross Paustian (R) vs. Jean Simmon (D)
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  • Thursday, November 1: Iowa 47th Senate: Sen. Roby Smith (R)

The interviews will be posted on WQAD.com so voters can watch the discussions any time before the November 6th election.