THIS WEEK: Impeachment and the local congressmen

A Quad City author remembers Rep. Lane Evans’ role in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

MOLINE, Illinois – It's a full-fledged battle between the White House and the Democrats in the House.

President Donald Trump called the Impeachment Inquiry launched by House Democrats a "kangaroo court" preventing House Committees from receiving testimony from key officials involved in the Administration's dealings with Ukraine.

We've witnessed impeachment proceedings twice before in the past 50-years.

In 1974, Quad City Republican congressman Tom Railsback was one of only six in his party to vote for one of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon.

And 24-years later, Democrat Lane Evans was one of 31 Democrats supporting a Republican proposal for an impeachment investigation without limits of President Bill Clinton.

"He loved the Congress," remembered his Chief of Staff Phil Hare when we talked with him shortly after Evans died from Parkinson's complications in 2014.

"He loved working with Republicans and Democrats."

Quad City author Devin Hansen has a new book out called "Guts: The Lane Evans Story".   It's a biography of the congressman's life, achievements, and battle with Parkinson's Disease.

"There were some party leaders upset with him, but that was just Lane, you know, he did what was right and he wanted to put the needs of the country first," said Hansen on "The Week with Jim Mertens.

Watch more from author Devin Hansen as he talks about Lane Evans' politics, demeanor, and the toll of Parkinson's Disease in the News 8 This Week Extra at the WQAD Jim Mertens Facebook page.

"It wasn't an attack on Clinton," added Hansen, "but it was a way for evidence to be gathered and be presented to the public that would exonerate Clinton, but obviously that didn't happen."

Hansen's book details Evans' life from his upbringing in Rock Island, through his Congressional career, his early endorsement of Illinois State Sen. Barack Obama, and his steady decline due to Parkinson's disease.

You can order "Guts: The Lane Evans Story" on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the independent publishing company Strong Arm Press, and Davenport book dealer The Book Rack.