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Muscatine residents say watch out for political sign thief

To Brumback, it’s not just a sign. It’s an American right.

MUSCATINE, Iowa-- Candidates and residents in Muscatine say things have gotten personal this election cycle. They say there are a few people taking away their voice in who they support for elections, and they want it to stop.

In Muscatine, campaign signs have been lining the streets for months.  But on 5th Street they're starting to disappear.

"I was angry," says resident Ann Brumback.

It happened to her.

"I came to the house to the front, and all my signs were gone, and I looked across the street, and those signs were gone," said Brumback. "It was like it went all the way up this block."

Sign stealing has become such an issue, now the police are involved. One report was filed by a candidate who saw her signs missing by the dozens.

To Brumback, it's not just a sign, it's an American right.

"It makes me angry that people would basically take away my choice for who I would support. When you support a candidate and someone supports the opposite candidate, that's okay. You don't have to agree with them be be respectful," says Brumback.

She says the sign thief out there won't win. She's getting all three of her stolen signs replaced so she can keep showing her support up until Election Day.