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The four things Illinois is doing to double down on the ‘Move Over’ law

Scott’s Law is now a question on the driving test.

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois- Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says his office is taking extra steps to make Scott's Law common knowledge.

"The Move Over Law, also known as Scott’s Law, is designed to protect law enforcement, emergency responders and others who are stopped on the side of roadways."

The secretary of state announced several steps being taken to promote Scott's Law:

  1. Adding a reminder about the Move Over Law to driver’s license renewal notices. The office is required by state law to mail these notices.
  2. Adding a reminder about the Move Over Law to vehicle registration renewal notices.
  3. Adding a test question on the Move Over Law to the written driving exam.
  4. Creating a pamphlet on the Move Over Law for distribution at all Driver Services facilities statewide.