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Grassley calls Putin a criminal, weighs in on Trumps congratulatory call

Grassley says Mueller probe should be allowed to “play out”

WASHINGTON - Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley weighed in on President Trump's congratulatory call to Russia's Vladamir Putin Wednesday, who he called a criminal and said it was a call he wouldn't have made.

"I don't see how there could be a good motivation for it. Maybe the President had a good reason for doing it. But, I can tell you how I feel about Putin. That, I wouldn't have a conversation with a criminal. He has been an accessory to murder in several ways," Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said during his weekly conference call with reporters.

He also says the President should just let the probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller "play out".

"The President just recently said he has no intention of firing Mueller, and if he did fire Mueller, this  place would blow up," he said.

When asked about the three now-pending lawsuits filed by three women against Trump by a porn star, Playmate, and reality star, Grassley had this to say.

"Of course, he denies that. I guess you would have to know what's true and what isn't true. The only thing that would be worse is having sex in the White House like Clinton did," he said.

When asked to the extent he supports Trump, Grassley said, "Depends on what you call support. I support the presidency and you can support the office of the Presidency without supporting the President. It's not based on personality, it's based upon the issues."

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